September 29, 2008

Maybe Not So Upside-down After All....

So apparently, the story we were told about the upside-down tree, which I related in the last post, was not correct. It is just a legend that one tree was turned upside-down and the roots grew into branches. However, part of the story was true! The tree does consist of two trees: the top of one grafted to the bottom of the other. The top tree is a unique breed of Scottish elm, which is why the branches look all twisty like roots would. Even though it is not actually upside-down, the tree is still rare and on the historic register!

This weekend I was out of town again since I had to go to a wedding in Bend. Driving over the pass, some of the trees were just starting to change color for fall and it was very appropriate since the wedding was fall themed. The flowers were all red, orange, and yellow and there were branches with fall leaves on the tables. Even the dinner was fashioned after a harvest feast with roast vegetables and chicken pot pie!

I thought the fall theme and the color palette were very pretty, fall is my favorite season, but I would probably pick something more muted if it was for me. I found this image at Saipua and it is pretty much exactly the color palette I would want.

Saipua Bouquet.

I really love all the arrangements they do at Saipua, but this one is my favorite! This and some lilacs and I am good to go.

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