October 25, 2014

A Fanciful Halloween Party

Well here we are, the annual Halloween party hosted by A Fanciful Twist.

It seems like just yesterday was the Mad Tea Party, and now, as then, I have been too busy to whip up much. Same ol' Halloween decorations at a new house. Even so, I hope you enjoy some of these vignettes.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my Halloween. As an extra little something Mister B. does this thing every year (well this is the second year) where he watches a scary or some how appropriate for Halloween movie every day. Sometimes two! Here is a peek at what he has been up to this year. It is a couple days behind because he usually updates it every few days.

For comparison here is the board from last year! I usually manage to watch some of the movies with him, but not all of them because of roller derby practice and other things that happen in the evening.

Well that is all, thanks for stopping by! Head on over to A Fanciful Twist to check out her always amazing Halloween party and for the links of other partiers. I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!

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  1. Love your nice Halloweenparty...Happy Halloween
    Kerstin from germany

  2. Happy Halloween, Alia. I like your calendar of scary movies for Halloween.

  3. You have a beautiful home. Lovely vignettes.
    You are so lucky to have a very talented and fun loving hubby.


  4. Happy Halloween Alia! I love the idea of the movie calendar. Thanks for sharing a piece of your Halloween!

  5. The movie calendar is such a good idea. I managed to watch The Birds today but I am always missing things I want to see. Great party.

  6. It does not matter if the decorations are old or new... what matters is your intent... and your intent was lovely. A lovely party. Thank you. :)

    If you have a moment, perhaps you will come and sit for a spell?

  7. You have great decorations!!! Same ol is always good! (love the movie calendar, LOL!)
    come and visit me at Plumfield House Gardens, http://plumfieldhousegardens.blogspot.com/
    Hope to see you, Celeste

  8. Dearest Alia, you have such a darling house and it's decorated soooo lovely for Halloween. The spells mantle is awesome too!!! You rock!
    Thank you for being a part of the Halloween party magic!! <3, Vanessa

  9. That was so much fun! Love how you decorated the mantle over the fireplace. Party on! Hugs! deb

  10. Fabulous photos...and hubbies movie board made me lol....hours of fun to be had guessing which films they represent :D XXX

  11. I keep using this phrase, "A walk through", to describe the galleries of photos put up for this blog party. It's not lazy writing, it's that the images feel like a tour. A walk through a museum of strange delights. Your post is no different, and you're to be commended for putting out such an effort. Happy Halloween!

  12. I love the movie board, we have been watching a lot of these with the kids. Lovely decor.

  13. Gorgeous, love your decorations and what a great idea watching a spooky film very day! I love Fun Size and its soundtrack :) Love the little pictures on the board! That little fortune cup of yours - swoon!! Love it all. Thank you and Happy Halloween xx


  14. I love your movie calendar! =D What a fun idea. ^_^

    Your decorations are just gorgeous, I'm glad I stopped by for a visit! Happy Halloween!

  15. Dee-lightful!! I apologize for my lateness to the party, but so glad I stopped by!
    Happiest Halloween!

  16. Love your decor! so many great spooky details! and the scary movie calendar is a must-do next year!

  17. Haha, I love your movie chart/schedule! I'm also a horror buff.
    Your decorations are also great!

  18. Love the idea of a scary movie calendar. I need to show this to my husband. Love your pictures too. Joining from A fanciful twist party. Halloween hugs!

  19. Well, someone is fully enjoying some Halloween movie celebrations! Love all your Decor!!! Keep enjoying your few days left! Cheers! ;)

  20. I love the white board calendar of halloween movies!! I am going to have to do that. Maybe for the winter holidays too. Thank you for the amazing look into your Halloween. Blessings. Betsy.

  21. Just love all of your Halloweeny and magical things! Happy Halloween!


  22. Cute Halloween Décor! I'd usually be all decorated and ready, but this year we had a death in the family and I'm just not up to decorating, but I enjoyed your pics! I especially enjoyed the black and white kitty - I adopted my own last year. He watches me take pictures and then inserts himself into the display. ;) Trick or Treat!

    (hopefully you don't get two comments from me, I think my first got lost so I'm trying again.)