September 09, 2011

Gypsy Tents And Gypsy Dreams

Hello and welcome to my gypsy dreams!

I bought this card at an art fair when I was much younger. Something about it just spoke to me. I guess I have always had a little gypsy inside.

A storm is brewing....

so please, come into my tent and make yourself comfortable.

Have a look around, I insist!

I see you eyeing my gypsy treasure...

perhaps I will give you a piece when I send you on your way.

I have something all prepared. Can I offer you a spot of tea? It's Russian Caravan, with its rich smokey flavor it is perfect for the gypsy soul.


Oh look someone has come to join us (I think more for the milk than for the tea).

Other visitors may stop by as well.

It seems to be growing dark, perhaps we should light some candles.

 That is better.

Would you like me to tell your fortune for you?

I can read your cards....

or see your future in my crystal.

Well it is getting late, you should probably go before you can no longer find your way home. But if you ever feel that wanderlust, or are in need of a bit of magic, please come back.

I will leave a lantern burning for you...

Thanks for dropping by my Gypsy Dreams party! To see the list of other partiers head over to the Gypsy Dreams blog.

<3 Alia


  1. What a lovely Gypsy get-away! I love all the lace and fabric! Happy Gypsy Dreams! Thank you for sharing!

  2. A very nice Gypsy Party....Beautiful colors and textures. A party fit for any Gypsy Queen.

  3. happy gypsy dreams!!!

  4. Thanks so much for inviting me to your gypsy tea, I've had such a magical time. You've decorated so beautifully and the food was delish. I look forward to visiting again.

    frith and wishes
    J x

  5. Beautiful! This must have been super-fun to put together! I love all the sheer and delicate fabrics and the fact that you animal "babies" joined!

    Many blessings....

  6. Your Gypsy getaway is fabulous, the tea was divine, and I have truly enjoyed myself. Thank you for sharing and I'd like to invite you to come to visit Ye Olde Crone's Gazette. Oma Linda

  7. Beautiful tent! Thanks for inviting me in.:)

  8. Oh my I am so envious of your wonderful gypsy tent, so ethereal and enchanted.
    The tea was delicious.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gypsy vision and for inviting me in to share your hospitality.


  9. Beautiful Gypsy Dream party! All your gypsy decorations are fabulous and so dreamy! Thank you so much for inviting us into your Gypsy world!

  10. Beautiful!!!! I just love your Gypsy Dreams tent!! Your pictures are magical and enchanting.....they made my Gypsy heart pitter patter....Thank you so much for participating!!

  11. Beautiful!! Love your imagery..I am in love with that blue lantern gorgeous!Thankyou for this magical enchanting adventure...fabulous!!

  12. Just lovely. That fox is my kind of 'fur'. After seeing everyone's gypsy hide-aways, I'm thinking of making my bed into one. Thanks for the ideas!

  13. I love your Gypsy space. All of the beautiful Gypsy rooms has me thinking that I have not decided on a style for my craft room. Gypsy maybe? It's looking pretty good to me. :)

  14. Oh I stopped by last night but could not comment so I came back! Your gypsy room is so lovely and dreamy, a perfect place for gypsy dreams. Thank you for the tea. I especially love your little visitors!


  15. Alia, soooo beautiful! (as usual) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you have a window seat! I have always wanted one :) what a PERFECT area to dress up for a party like this. (I do not have an area to dress up (yet) and not many props either. I hope to in the future!
    You tea was FAB and your guests absolutely DELIGHTFUL, my kind of people! :D
    I am sorry to be leaving, but I have many to meet and greet along my walkabout!
    come see me too.

    Many blessings!

  16. I am SO happy to have stopped by! Your gypsy party was terrific - I just loved the decor and the treats! :)

  17. Your gypsy tent is gorgeous, and your visitors are so sweet! I like the coins on the chain.Thank you for such a delightful party!

  18. Oh I loved it all..the tent, your animals, the darling blue and white creamer... the food was delicious and such a lovely display... thank you .. and hugs... I am loving my first blog party!! Donsie

  19. A gypsy dream! :)

    Sweet Gypsy Dreams,

  20. Happy Gypsy Dreams!
    A fun, romantic, place to settle in and relax.
    You have been living the gypsy lifestyle this summer!
    I look forward to returning for more parties.

  21. Wonderful party, thank you so much for inviting me. I had a great time.
    Have a magical day.

  22. Wonderful tea from your shiny red teapot! I could melt into the window seat as the storm rolls by. Great post! May all your gypsy dreams come true!

  23. I enjoyed your Gypsy dream party. one of your cat visitors looks like my cat, Mabel.

  24. that is so much fun! great decor and commentary

  25. An Enchanting Space and I'm loving the Coin Bracelet! May all your Gypsy Dreams become your Realities.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. I certainly enjoyed myself! I love a tea party that has a mixed species guest list :D

    Your nook looks sooooo cozy! Makes me want to carve out a place to set up a gypsy tent, too!!
    ...oh, and truth be told, I come here for Magic even on days that aren't devoted to gypsies ;P

  27. Love your post! Everything was enchanting and so lovely!

    Glad your fur babies joined you!


    Lula Pomme

  28. Oh the tea was just to die for, and your other guests are just delightful! Thanks for having me & for stopping by to dance with me earlier. So glad you liked the stockings. ^-^


  29. Thanks so much for the gypsy tea! And thanks also for your nice comments. Sweet Gypsy Dreams, Love, Linda

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