October 16, 2008

My Tea Time

I don't do it every day, but sometimes when I have time in the late morning or early afternoon, I like to have a full out tea time. There is something so nice about using a real teapot, a pretty teacup, and all the accouterments.
This is pretty much what it looks like every time, except today I added a candle and an apple for a snack.

This is one of my favorite teacups and the one I use most frequently.

I love the garden motif!

While I am drinking my tea, I usually like to watch Martha Stewart which I record ahead of time on my DVR (yay for being able to fast forward through commercials). Because of this I am often sitting on the couch and for a while didn't have a good place to put all my tea things. I started putting them all on a pretty tray which I had, but I still didn't have anywhere convenient to rest the tray; that is until I realized it fit almost perfectly into a random, small, table frame that I just happened to have!

It is now just the right height to put in front of me for easy access when I am sitting on the couch.

Don't you just love it when your bring home an item that you have no idea how you will ever use and it turns out to be just right for something after all?

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