June 26, 2009

Thrift Finds

I have pretty much had no extra money to spend on unnecessary things lately, but this week I found myself with a bit of cash and thought it was time to treat myself. I love shopping at thrift stores (I mean who doesn't?) and so decided to spend my small amount of money at Goodwill. I actually went there to buy a blanket that I had seen on a previous visit, but didn't have enough money to buy. It was new and there were multiples which is why I thought it might still be there. The guest bedroom really needs a new blanket, but unfortunately there were only twin sized ones left, no queens. I was sad. I quickly brightened up, however, when I realized I could then spend that money (and a little more) on something else instead! This is what I ended up coming home with:

Adorable bird salt and pepper shakers, which I had of course
seen on other peoples' blogs and always wanted for myself!
Also, white ramekins to match.

This is my cat LC helping me take pictures
(well she calls it helping, I call it
getting in the way).

Some saucers that didn't have cups to match, but
were so pretty I couldn't pass them up.

When I was looking at the saucers in the store, I knew
I wanted them, but didn't know what I would use them for
since they didn't have cups. And then it hit me, candle holders!
Now I am sure I am not the first person ever to think of this,
but I was still proud of myself for getting the idea.

The last thing I got was this little orange recipe book
(I pretty much can't go to Goodwill without coming
home with at least one book!)

I love it because it is a whole book, just for appetizers.

And they all look so yummy! I can't wait to make some.

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