January 21, 2010

Scones And Tea = Wonderful

So today I made some scones. I had a lot of recipes I was considering, but I picked one that buttermilk because I had never had buttermilk scones before. They were also supposed to have ginger, however, I am not a huge ginger fan so I just left that out. The recipe was from this book and was super easy.

And here they are!

Isn't this three-tiered tray cute?

They are scored so you can break them into four scones each

And here they are with my tea today.

They were obviously delicious since I gobbled them right up

The last picture is of a tea spoon I got at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. They have a high tea there which looked lovely. I didn't get to go, but I did get this spoon from the gift shop and I love it! (Also, notice how close up the picture is? I discovered that my really old crappy camera has a macro setting, yay!)

The scones really turned out well and I would definitely make them again. Next time I will try a different recipe to see how it compares!

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