February 01, 2010

New Things!

I don't have pierced ears. I know, you are saying "*Gasp* What?!" I get that a lot. I have a few clip-ons, but I don't wear them very often because they are very pinchy. Luckily for me my grandma doesn't have pierced ears either! Recently she gave me a bunch of her old earrings and they are the old timey ones that have the little piece that screws forward and holds the earring on your ear. They are much more comfortable than any of the ones I already had. They are also all cool and old!


These are some of my favorites! They are silver tea cups and saucers and they even have little spoons with them. I do love anything to do with tea.


I also really like these. I just love cameos don't you? Also the big one has a pin on the back and loop to put it on a chain for a necklace, so it is super versatile.

Thanks Mutti! (That's my grandma). I also recently bought myself a new book. It was just so awesome I couldn't resist. Here it is:


The cover is so pretty! Now I am not planning on poisoning anyone of course. But it is cool to read about all the different dangerous and deadly plants. Also it is good to know so you don't accidentally eat one or something. The illustrations are great too.

Those are my new things. Have a wonderful day!

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