May 19, 2010

Redmond Fun Times Part I

This weekend I went to Bend to visit my parents and friends. Actually, I started out in Redmond. I am really good friends with a family that is friends with my family (got that?) anyway, the mom of the family, Toni, does thrifting and antiquing and is really amazing at it. On Saturday she, and other ladies she knows from the antique mall she has a space in, had a really awesome sale at one of their beautiful houses. It happened to be when I was headed over there to go to Bend so I got to go and help out! (and of course buy many things) Here are a few pictures from the sale, it was oh so delightful and fun!

Here are some pictures of Toni's booth....

....and all the fantastic jewelery she was selling...

here are some of the things I bought!....

That wasn't all the things I bought, but the other pictures seem to have gone missing. I guess I will have to take more! Here are some things I wanted to buy, but didn't as I had already spent too much money.

That last one I really wanted the rack. It was old pull out basket gym lockers, but where would I have put it?! If only I had a craft room or studio....maybe someday.

Cute vintage hats.

Mirror fun time, yep that's me!

The whole thing was a lot of fun and hard work. I went back to their house in Redmond afterward and spent the night. More pictures of after show cocktails and breakfast the next morning coming soon!

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