June 01, 2010

Tea Party For One

Lately the weather has been bad. I mean especially bad for this time of year. Usually by now it is getting sunny and warm, but instead it just goes on raining forever! Ugh. We did have a nice patch a few weeks ago and so I decided to make use of my small balcony and have a little tea party for one outside. I got together all my tea things and some yummy books and magazines. I put down a sheet on the deck because it is still pretty dirty from winter (what is the point in cleaning it until it stops being yucky outside because it will just get dirty again) and prepared to have some magical lounge/relaxation time in the warm air.

Hmm...I seem to be noticing a color pattern here. Anyone else? I didn't plan that, I guess I just like that color a lot and by coincidence all the things I have of that color ended up together at my tea party! Even my skirt matched...

Haha silly me, anyway here are a few more details.

That macaroon in the picture above is seriously the best macaroon ever created. It is sooooo delicious, I wish I could give you a bite!

It turned out I wasn't alone at my tea party after all. One of my furries Cuppa Tea (yep that is his name, I didn't name him, but I love it!) came out to see what all the fuss was about. I tried to get him to pose for a picture, but he is a very stubborn boy and was too busy cleaning himself to be bothered.

Finally, he settled down.

Good boy!

Sweet, is he not? Anyway that is the tea party Cuppa and I had on the one day when I thought summer might be starting. I was wrong, but at least I got that small break from the weather I guess. A gal has gotta try to look on the bright side!

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