September 22, 2010

Birthday Part II, And We Have A Winner!

Thank you so much everyone for all your sweet birthday wishes! I have a couple more things to share that happened on my actual birthday.

It was Monday so I had to work (I work in the Library Science offices at UofA) and the office ladies decorated my desk for my birthday, and even got me flowers and cupcakes! They are so thoughtful!

Then I got a card from my parents which my mom made. She is so talented. Wildlife drawing used to be her thing. Now she makes pottery, but I think she's still got it, don't you?!

They also are getting me the new Photoshop for my birthday which I am super excited about because the one I currently have is from like 7 years ago and doesn't work so great.

Also, Mister B's dad was here visiting and got me this!

Pretty much everyone who knows me knows they can get me anything to do with pirates and I will love it.

Inside was candy and a gift card to Ross. Yay shopping!

Okay enough about me, let's get on to the giveaway! Oh boy I am so, so, excited since this is my first giveaway ever. I can't wait to pick someone!!!! I am using the old pull 'em out of a hat method. I think Hatter would approve.

Drum roll please......and the winner is......

Lauren from Fair Rosamund!! Hm, I am looking at her blog right now and it seems that she just did a giveaway too, I guess that is karma for ya, give a little, get a little.

Lauren I will be needing your address! And everyone else, thank you so much for entering, I had such a good time I am sure I will be doing it again soon!

I also want to wish everyone a happy autumnal equinox, the weather here seems to know it is the first day of autumn and decided to do something special and rain, which is much more fitting than the 90 degree whether we have been having.

To celebrate I have managed to get my whole Buried series up in my Etsy shop, so feel free to take a gander!

Have a wonderful start of fall everyone.


  1. Happy happy birthday to you! Your mom is VERY talented. I am over the moon in LOVE with that raven! My mom used to draw when she was young, as well. So happy to hear that you had a great day. And congrats to Fair Rosamund on winning your wonderful giveaway! Theresa
    PS I did email you - hopefully you received it.

  2. Congrats on winning the goodies, Lauren! Alia, so happy to hear that the birhtday magic continued for you. What a wonderfully memorable birthday week!! Now, I'm off to check out your etsy shop...

  3. Yay to Lauren! She is one of my favorite Blogger Buddies :) So happy for her...

    ...As for you....what a bounty you got thar Pirate Miss...aargh! Love your mom's card...just beautiful :)

    Smiles :)