October 13, 2010

A Sleepy Hollow Craft

So if you read this blog you know by now that Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorite movies. I have always wanted one of those optical illusion thingys where the pictures on the two sides combine when it spins. So this year I decided to make one!

First I cut out a circle from some thin white cardboard. Then I drew a cage on one side and a cardinal on the other to make it look like the one in the movie. Be sure to draw one of the images upside down, otherwise the illusion won't work.

Then I got out my ink writing set and used it to make the images permanent. I used this because I wanted it to have a little bit rougher look, but if you wanted all your lines very neat and clean you would probably want to use a regular pen or marker.

Then I used watercolors to add color to the cardinal and dirty up the white of the cardboard a bit.

Last I punched holes in the side to attach the spinning part. I think leather cord would work and look great, but I didn't have any so I used ribbon. It looks pretty, but doesn't make it as easy to spin. It still works though!

And here is the finished product!

It is super easy, so if you like that movie as much as I do, go for it. It is like having your own prop!


  1. Great idea Crafty Momma!

    It really turned out nicely :)

  2. That is such a great idea! :) I haven't seen that movie in ages, I will have to rent it. I also wanted to let you know that I received my fabulous giveaway goodies!! Thank you so much, I just love everything :) I will feature it in a blog post, probably tomorrow. I hope you're having a great week :) ~Lauren

  3. A cool optical illusion! It's like when you watch bicycle wheels and the spokes seem to spin in the opposite direction...our eyes can't keep up. I remember making one of these spinners awhile ago for my young daughter, but I drew an elephant and a cage...so it was a funny illusion:0) I have to admit that Sleepy Hollow scares me, and I have yet to watch it all the way through without skipping some of the (to me!) ghoulish parts. But, yet, when J. Depp is in a movie, I can usually suffer through it! Even drenched in blood, he looks good!!

    Thanks for visiting me! Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, what a TRULY fun craft!!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork and the tutorial on how to make this!!!! :) Theresa

  5. this is awesome!!!!!!
    congratulations on winning the doll give away too!

  6. from vagabond creations!!! lololol she needs you to email her you address!i just read it!

  7. Your blog is awesome, I just found by chance while surfing on the net...I did this handicraft long time ago cause I fall in love when I first watch Sleepy Hollow movie..one of my faves from Tim Burton!!! as well as the rest of his movies..I must admit I am a huge fan of him!!

    Keep on good blogging!! Now I am following YOU!!..you can also follow me here: