October 20, 2010

Spooky Wednesday?

Whoops, I guess I am a little late for Spooky Monday, but it seems many of the other posters are this week too, so I think it is okay. I have been super busy with school lately and spent most of the weekend writing a paper. I haven't even had a chance to visit half the Halloween blog parties yet, yikes! But I really want to, so hopefully I will get to them all eventually.

For Spooky Monday (Wednesday) this week, I wanted to share my list of awesome movies to watch for Halloween.

My must watch movies at Halloween time (in no particular order):

1. Sleepy Hollow (of course!) - Love this movie and it is perfect for Halloween because it is a take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I know some people think it is gory, and I suppose it is, but it is that slightly cheesy gory that Tim does so well! Maybe I have just seen it so many times I don't notice anymore.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas - A classic! This movie is good for Halloween and Christmas, what could be better?

3. Hocus Pocus - This was always one of my favorite Halloween movies as a kid, and I guess I just never grew out of it since I still watch it every year!

4. Trick R Treat - This is may latest addition to my must watch movies for Halloween since I saw it for the first time earlier this year. This movie is seriously awesome and PERFECT for Halloween. It is funny, dark, spooky, and the plot lines are twists on real Halloween traditions and lore. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend watching it this year for Halloween! Note: It is rated R for various reasons, so you might want to check out the rating reasons first in case there is something you wouldn't like.

There are also some movies that I don't necessarily watch every year, but I still think are good for the season:

Casper - I used to watch this one a lot when I was younger, super cute.

Drag Me To Hell - I like this one because it is creepy, but not TOO scary because it is just a little cheesy. I don't do really scary movies too well.

The Wolfman - The new one. This isn't my favorite movie or anything, but it has a great creepy Gothic feel to it that is great for this time of year. (And it has gypsies!)

The Raven and Fall of the House of Usher - Two classic Poe stories and both pretty awesome old movies. I watched these quite a few times when I was younger since I could get them for free at the library.

Obviously there are far more (like all the original monster movies), but these are just a few that I like for Halloween! Be sure to head over to Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland for more Monday Spookiness!


  1. still havent seen drag me to Hell yet...paranormal activity was pretty good, if you have not watched it...but the moving around kind of made me sick..like your list of films...Hocus Pocus is definately a must see.
    oh have you watched 'I, monster'?
    it's an old one...and 'the house that dripped blood' that one too, really good,
    have a nice day.

  2. Fabulous selections! Obviously, you know what my favorite one is! ;) The hubby and I will have to snuggle up on the couch and turn off the lights to watch something a bit spooky. :) Theresa

  3. Great list...Nightmare before Christmas is a BIG fav of mine, love the music! When my daughter was younger (9 maybe) she had a serious crush on Jack the Pumpkin King...he has such a gorgeous voice!

    Oh, and you're so right about the gore in Sleepy Hollow..I read somewhere that Burton's idea of fun was to see how much blood he could throw on Johnny during those scenes!

  4. Love all of these. Sleepy Hollow. Can't wait to watch that again, and I start watching Hocus Pocus in August. Hehehehehe.
    Actually I think I watch these all year round, especially the genius work of Burton.
    Happy Spooky Monday...ON Sunday of the following weekend.hehehehe
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland