February 01, 2011

Weekend Eats And Jams (And I Don't Mean No Jelly)

Friday: Had some of the other SIRLS (that stands for School of Information Resources and Library Science) ladies over to make dinner and cocktails. Thanks to my new book, Jamie helped us make asparagus and potato tart.


The berries were for cobbler. The tart turned out super yummy, and I don't even like asparagus!
You know you had a good time when the kitchen is a disaster afterwards.

I really love Jamie Oliver's show "Jamie at Home" and this cookbook is basically the exact same thing in book form, yay! I am super excited about it. The cocktail in the photos was also from the book. It was so funny, on the same day that I bought this book I ran across a new blog called Indianablue who talked about how she was cooking her way through another one of Jamie's cookbooks. Now I am certainly not as proactive as that, to cook every recipe in the book, but it definitely inspired me to make an effort to actually cook some of the recipes! Often times I will buy a cookbook, make one thing, put it on a shelf, and forget about it, but I can't do that to Jamie. So I am planning on making many more things. Thanks Indianablue! Definitely check out her blog if you have the chance, it is lovely. Anyway, on to....

Saturday: Sadly, I have no pictures of Saturday since I spent most of it doing homework. I did go on a nice outing with Mister B to Fantasy Comics (our favorite comic book store in Tucson which is quite a feat since there are like five), Upper Crust Pizza (best lunch special ever: a HUGE slice and a soda for $3.50), and Bookmans (needed some magazines, but didn't want to pay new prices). All in all it was a nice day even with the mountains of homework.

Sunday: The weather was PERFECT* for an outdoor house concert with the gang from Desert Sharks PHC. Brent Burns was playing who I hadn't heard much before, but pretty much anyone the PHC gets to play I know I will enjoy. He was really fun and I bought a CD! I have always liked Jimmy Buffett, but it is nice to be introduced to some other trop-rock musicians as well. This is the second house concert I have been to and they are rad! You basically are just hanging out in someone's backyard, sitting in whatever chair you chose to bring, sipping whatever beverage you chose to bring, listening to some fun music, and then during intermission you get to eat one (or all) of the many potluck dishes and have a nice chat with the artist. All this for a small donation (they can't work for free!) I highly recommend it, in fact I am going to another one this Friday.

*I have noticed that people here in Tucson always talk about what a lovely day it is like it is some sort of surprise. I mean why are they so shocked, pretty much every day here is lovely (we have been having a little storm the last couple days so I guess it isn't technically every day)! I still comment on the weather, but that is because I am still new and it is still a revelation to me. You would think people who have lived here for a long time would be used to it by now.

So anyway, that was my weekend. Hope your was great too!

ps. How do you do those signature thingies that so many people have at the end of their blogs? I really want one because whenever I end a post I always feel that it is so abrupt and would love to have a consistent sign off. Please help!

pps. I cooked another Jamie recipe today which turned out tasting pretty good, but looked horrible hence no photo.


  1. That looks like a good recipe, mostly bc I love asparagus. Your post makes me miss Tucson... although I really already did, but it just enhanced the feeling a bit more. Cheers!

  2. I wonder about the sig, too...that'll have to come after a blog button...I haven't figured that out yet either :)

    I love asparagus, at least going in, anyways!
    I probably would've devoured that whole thing!

  3. I LOVE Jamie. I have one of his books - but am ashamed to say have only admired the pictures. You've inspired me though. I'm going to haul it out right now and pick a recipe to try!

  4. Oh how yummy! I love trying new recipes and I get inspired by a lot of cooking shows, as well. :) I have no idea how to do the signature thing, either. But if I figure it out - I'll let you know! Theresa

  5. Hi there, it looks like you had a great weekend! :) That asparagus tart sounds amazing, and the concert sounded so fun! ~Lauren