August 04, 2011

Hello! And Famousy People

Okay so I have a billion pictures from my trip to Disneyland and Comic-Con (if you don't know what Comic-Con is then congratulations you are not a huge nerd like me), but I thought I would share a few choice ones since most of them are far away and blurry photos of famous people at panels.


Comic-Con and other things in San Diego (including an unusually large amount of pictures with me in them):

These three are from the night we went to see the Nerdist podcast live with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. For any other Doctor Who fans out there, after the show they handed out burritos to everyone. Matt Smith, the Doctor, handed me a burrito and called me "my lady"! *swoon*

And here is me and Eve Myles from Torchwood. I love her!!

So that is just a few, but if you have any particular famous people or panels you want to see photos of just let me know. I went to Torchwood, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Castle, Wilfred, Joss Whedon and many more!


  1. Loved your photos!!! Looks like you had a most amazing time. I would ADORE seeing photos from True Blood, Castle, and anything Joss Whedon!!! :) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were two of my favorite shows)