June 02, 2012

Lewis And Other Happenings

Meet Lewis:

Lewis is a caterpillar. He seems mild-mannered, but if you try to pet him watch out....

He gets a bit miffed. 

Now Lewis looks like this:

I am taking good care of him and hopefully someday he will turn into a beautiful butterfly (black swallowtail I have discovered). Updates on Lewis to come.

Other things that have happened while I haven't been updating this semester. I already mentioned that I just graduated.

We also moved. We still live in Tucson, just in a different house. I love our new place, it is super roomy with crazy amounts of storage and cupboards. Everything is a bit outdated and retro in kind of an ugly cute way. And there are both a walled in front entry and an enclosed porch and walled back yard. The front area has an orange tree and a lovely bougainvillea! Oh also one of the best parts is it has three bedrooms. That means one for sleeping, one for Mister B, and one for me! I love having my own little room to hide out in and decorate however I please. I am hoping to take pictures of all my favorite bits of the house to share, but here is a picture of Mal in the front with the bougainvillea.

Since I no longer have school I have also just started to have time to garden. I will be posting pictures of all my little baby sproutlings soon.

It sure is good to be back folks!

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  1. Huge congrats, Alia!!
    So many wonderful changes going on there...including Lewis!

    Can't wait to see and hear more about them all soon :)