July 28, 2012

A Mad Tea Birthday Party

I'm late, I'm late! Just like the white rabbit I am rollin' in late to this party, but thank you for coming to see me anyhow. The reason I am late is because last night I threw a mad tea birthday party for my friend Kristen and I have only just now managed to get me and all my stuff back home. It was a super fun party though, so definitely worth all the work!

We had a little drink station outside before you even got in the door. Gotta start the party out right!

But look out, one of the bottles makes you smaller!

And please come in...

I thought the door sign I made looked like a first grade project, but Kristen said she liked it so I guess it was okay!

We had a station where everyone could pick a tea cup to drink out of for the evening.

And I think the rest of the party speaks for itself!

A lot of the pictures I took were before we put out the food, but you can bet your buttons that there were plenty of scones and cucumber sandwiches for all!

We encouraged costumes and more people than I expected dressed up, which was great. Kristen was Alice of course (left), I was the Queen of Hearts (middle), and our friend Adam was the Mad Hatter (right), and that was just a few!

So thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit all the parties listed over at A Fanciful Twist!

Whoops I almost forgot about something very important, the giveaway! I am giving away this (or one that looks identical) lovely tea cup and saucer with matching dessert plate, and who knows there may even be a tea of your choice thrown in with it (I do work at a tea room after all). Don't worry it won't have drink in it when I send it to you! The cup is vintage so it may have some wear and tear, but that just makes it all the better. All you have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered. If you already left one here before I edited this post then that totally counts.

<3 Alia


  1. Looking forward to seeing your Mad Tea Party post! I know it will be great. Have missed you in blog land. My post is up...hope you will stop by!
    Sincerely, Theresa :)
    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!

  2. Looking forward to it! Will check back then.

    In the meantime, please come have a cuppa with me at my tea party:


  3. It sounds as if you are having a wonderful unbirthday like time.

  4. I will be sure to be there. I am excited and ready to sing my Unbirthday song for you.
    Please stop by for a Mad spoonful of tea
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland


  5. I hope you are all having a blast right now!! ;))) can't wait!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  6. Hurry, I can't wait...You're Late.

  7. What a great idea for a birthday party, love it! Your collection of tea pots and cups is just amazing and the costumes looked great too. :)

    Hope when you're able you'll pop by for a visit:

  8. What a fun party and good friend you are :)
    A costume party, pretty cups, scrumptious food....heaven!!

    I love that part about adding sprigs of herbs to the drinks....a great idea!

    Thanks so much for having me!


  9. Alia, you are a dish!!!!

    What a fab fab fab party how fun!!! Wish I had been there ;)

    Love the costumes, the table setting - the treats!! Yummyummmm!!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!!!!

    ♥ Vanessa

  10. LOVELY party! Your friend is lucky to have you! Working in a tea room must be a lot of fun!
    I just started collecting odd tea pieces last year, still do not have enough for a party myself.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    please come visit my party which wasn't QUITE as fun as yours, but ti was lovely!


  11. A party with costumes and wonderful treats? LOVE it!
    hope you can stop by my parties!

  12. Ohh pass a scone would you, yumm :)
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x


  13. Just have to tell you that I had a wonderful time at your Mad Tea Party! I loved the tea, and the pretty cups it was poured into. The sweets and sandwiches were wonder-ful, as was the company. Thank you for having me.

  14. what a grand party..that bunny creamer is the BEST! I hope I win...but you need to pop to my place and try for my giveaway too!

  15. This is wonderful. I LOVE the stacked tea cups! Do you really, really work in a tea room? How lovely!I didn't know you had them over here.! I'd like some hot toasted tea cake and a pot of Indian, please))


    No I'm off to see what happened when you met Joss Weedon. Wow!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my teeny party. Your party looks like a whole lot of fun! Happy birthday to your friend, Kristen!

  17. Omgosh, you really do like tea! Such lovely things you have and delicious food and good friends to make such a wonderful Mad Party! Thank you for the fun!

  18. Lovely tea party so inviting I immediately took off my shoes and got comfortable:)
    Come visit me at Stampinmamas Place

  19. Your tea party is fabulous and I loved everyone in costume! I loved all your tea cups! Thank you for inviting me!


  20. A dress up tea party! How fun! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time... thanks for the tea!

  21. Thanks for having us to your Mad Tea Party. I think it is awesome that you had lots of in person guests to your party as well as us virtual guests.

  22. Looks like you had a great time at the Tea Party! Your costumes were so great!!!! Thanks for sharing the fun and for hosting such a fun giveaway, too!!!! :)

  23. I'm so late to the party - I hope there are some goodies still left...Looks like you have a lovely, lovely party with your friends - thank you for inviting me! Blessings!