September 04, 2012

Going Home To A New House

A couple of weeks ago I went home to visit my parents and friends in Bend, OR. My parents have just finished renovating an old craftsman style bungalow from the 20s and I was super excited to see it. It was totally the best! I am so happy that "we" now live there!!! The house is super cute and has an amazing garden with tons of flowers and edibles. So basically this post is going to be a bunch of photos from the new house. Here we goooo....

So many yummy things you could eat right out of the garden.

The amazing fence my dad designed an built all by himself!

Weird conjoined twins tomato.

The kitchen is extra lovely. It has a great apron front farmhouse sink which I love, but of course forgot to take a photo of.

"My" bathroom, one of my favorite rooms.

Lemonade sold to us by little girls down the street (they guilted us into it by saying all the money went to saving elephants), I added the lavender and maybe just a splash of vodka.

Another one for the freak show.

Mm mm, egg in the hole breakfast with tomatoes and raspberries picked right from the garden.

And that pretty much sums up the wonderfulness of my trip home. Bend is so nice in the summer it is always tempting to want to stay, but I just remind myself that winter is coming (to quote the Starks) and then I am happy to come back here to AZ and another two months of summer!


  1. "Your" house is wonderful!!! I love craftsmen style bungalows.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. The house and garden are to die for! I just love Oregon.....thinking that'll be where we retire someday!

    Your parents did such a wonderful job on the is just beautiful (aside from the mummy cat incident...haha)...

    You always make the most beautiful plates....mouthwatering and fresh :)

  3. Too bad we missed each other in Bend... I think I was leaving right as you were arriving. Your folks' house is darling... they've done a great job fixing it up! Looks like a relaxing trip. Our visit was not... no time to just hang out, just go go go.
    Love ya Lili!

  4. This is just wonderful! I've come to you from your post on Vanessa's blog ~ ♥. Love the Franciscan Apple dishes; I have (and use)my Mom's...:) Now following!