July 07, 2013

The 4th And Food

I hope everyone had a happy fourth of July! This post is going to be pretty food heavy so if you don't want hear about all the things I have made lately then just look at these pretty fireworks and go about your business.

I had the day off for the 4th so I wanted to cook something special that I had never made before. I decided to go with pulled pork since we love it! We eat it a lot, but I had never actually cooked a pork shoulder on the bone down to pulled pork before, so it was an adventure! I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe.

I decided on this recipe because it looked tasty and I was intrigued by the use of Dr. Pepper.

 We ended up with so much pulled pork we have been eating it for days!

I also made this potato salad and it was delicious as well. Mister B hates regular potato salad so it was a major victory that he liked this!

Our whole dinner was brown, but it still tasted yummy!

And now on to a section that I like to call Things I Made With Stuff From My Produce Box.

Okay so that is not a very good title, I will work on it.

Potatoes and summer squash.

Became this.

I threw in some chicken to make this more of a main dish as opposed to just a side dish.

Carrots, which I forgot to take a before picture of, but I am sure you know what they look like.

Became this.

I used white sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes because sometimes Mister B likes to eat paleo.

Produce box cantaloupe was eaten this morning with left over bacon and ricotta from the above recipes. The ricotta was used in pancakes!

I know when you are someone that cooks a lot on a regular basis all of this seems silly and boring. However, I don't have a chance to that often, so when I do get to cook a lot it is exciting and I want to share the things I have made!

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