November 16, 2013

Fire In The Night

This week I was in a car accident. I am fine, the other person is fine, my car is not fine. It doesn't matter whose fault it was (the other person's), now my car is in the shop. I don't know for how long or if I might have to get a new car all together, needless to say, it has not been a good week.

It is experiences like these that make you appreciate the little things.

And I don't just mean because it could have been a lot worse and someone could have been really hurt, I also mean when something happens that shakes up your life you realize that your routine, and things like having a car to get to places whenever you want, make life so much simpler.

Now maybe having a car doesn't exactly count as a little thing, but there are some other things that do. Little things that are still important.

The moon. There is something about the moon that captivates me, pulls at me.

Do you feel it too?

The moon and a fire in the night. Those are little things that I love. They are wild and yet comforting.

Fall is my favorite season (even here in Arizona where it takes longer to get cool), but our new fire pit makes it even better. It recalls memories of camping, summer at the cabin, beach bonfires. I love cut-outs of moons and stars. I love smelling like smoke after sitting outside by the fire under the night sky. The crackle of the flames. Magic.

 I could use a little magic this week. These things help.

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad you are safe after your accident. I agree that the little things are definitely important and the moon is one of those to me as well. I love your fire pit. I've seen those and think they are beautiful!
    Take care of yourself!