November 05, 2013

I Am Going Mighty

I am willing to admit that I have a problem with follow-through. I have a tendency to to get really excited about things or ideas, maybe even start them, but then I end up never seeing them through. Maybe I am lazy, maybe I have too little drive, maybe I am just easily distracted. Whatever the reason, it is not a quality that admire in myself and so I am going to make an effort to change it. 

To that end I have joined Go Mighty.
You can go read all about it on their website, but essentially Go Mighty is a platform for people to set their goals, share them with others, and network to help bring their goals to fruition. Writing my goals down for all the world to see is a way to hold myself accountable if I have not completed them and feel satisfied checking them off if I have. It doesn't matter how crazy or unlikely they are, just getting them down in an arena where other people might share the same goals makes them seem more attainable. I think this is going to be a fun and inspiring thing to do, and if you need a little motivation to follow your dreams then maybe you should check out Go Mighty too!

One of my goals is to improve and keep up with my blog, so hopefully you will be seeing me a little more here. (I know I say that a lot and it never happens which is exactly why I added it to my list.) I think I have said before that I get discouraged by my blog not looking as pretty or being as interesting as the blogs I admire, which has been holding me back. That is where the "improving my blog" part comes in. Instead of attempting a crazy makeover to fix it all at once, which would inevitably end with me getting overwhelmed and never doing it at all, I am going to start making small changes so that over time it morphs into the blog I envision. I have already achieved one of my minor blog related goals which is to add a hovering pinterest button over every photo. Next up is how to add a signature at the end of every post!

If you want to check out the goals I have set so far, go HERE.


  1. Hi Alia :) This is a really inspirational post. I totally get what you mean, I am the SAME! I appreciate it when bloggers share their true feelings and/or little problems, it makes the whole reading experience so much more real and you feel as though you are connecting with someone rather than just reading some stuf fthey posted online :)
    I am deffinitely going to take a look at Go Mighty, it sounds as though it was mad for someone like me!
    May I ask, how do you add the hovering PIn It button to your photos then? And if you'd like some advice on sgnatures, I used this site to create mine, then just saved it as an image to my computer and then I add it each time to the bottom of my posts :)

    Best of luck! Glad to have met you through the halloween party :)

    Heidi at:

    1. Hi Heidi, thank you! To get the hovering pinterest button I followed the directions on this site:
      It gives you the basic red button, but I would prefer a more subtle color so I am going to work on changing that when I have time. I did a little searching around for pinterest button code and lots of websites have free cute button options if you just google it!
      Thanks for the signature source!

  2. I have been looking for something like this. I am totally going to join. :) I can't wait to follow your progress.

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