October 20, 2015

Sad Things And Happy Things

There has been a lot of change around here lately and possibly more to come. But let's talk about the sad things first, you know to get it over quickly, like pulling off a bandaid.

Our poor sweet lemon dog Mal, how do they put it? Crossed the rainbow bridge about a month ago. He seemed sick so we took him to the emergency clinic, and I won't go into detail, but basically he had a very aggressive cancer that was in his heart and lungs and we had to make the tough call. We go to take him home for about a week between when we found out and his last day, so at least we got to spoil him and give him lots of hugs, but he wasn't that old and we were pretty much devastated. Well, still are. That is why I included this goofy gif I made for no reason when I was playing with a new app, because I am starting to tear up just writing this and I think including a photo of Mal looking sad (which is how he looks in most photos) would put me over the edge. We love you Captain Malcolm Reynolds, you will always be our big damn hero.

Okay quick, on to the happy stuff. We are fully moved into our new place and we love it! It still needs a bit of decorating and organizing, but we are super happy with it and I will hopefully have some photos to share soon.

Our podcast hasn't launched yet, but it is coming along and thanks to our friend Michael Miller and his company HelixDSGN, we are starting to have a kick ass website. You can check it out HERE. It is not at all complete yet, but since basically only my family and maybe some friends will likely be reading this, I would be happy to hear any feedback you might have!

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