March 19, 2016

Style Musings: Boots and Shorts

(Don't worry Mom, it's parked!)
The other day I was hanging out over at my friend Kristen's house with her and her sister Erika. Erika mentioned to me that my blog post about shower beers changed her life (her words) and why did I not write in my blog more? Considering I thought no one read my blog at all, learning that I CHANGED HER LIFE and outlook on shower beers seemed like a good enough reason to try to write here more!

I love clothes, but generally wouldn't classify myself as "stylish." However, my friends sometimes think I am (they are sweet), and I guess I do have sort of a random and eclectic personal style. So we decided maybe I should write a post that had something to do with that. I just happened to be wearing something that day that has in the past been a point of contention for me, so I figured why not tackle that as a first post in a new segment called Style Musings (not a great name I know, but I couldn't come up with anything better). And so, ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Boots and Shorts.
I live in Tucson, Arizona. A desert town that gets super hot in the summer and not very cold in the winter. A town that also is home to the University of Arizona, a place where many young ladies can be seen wearing outfits that, let's face it, I could never pull off. One outfit that can often bee seen consists of boots and shorts, a combination which I always kind of judged them for (sorry ladies).

"Why, if it is warm enough to be wearing tiny shorts, would you also want to wear big ol' boots?!" were my thoughts. Well, let me tell you, I no longer think it is the craziest idea in the world. You see, I got these super awesome moccasin boots at Buffalo Exchange and basically am wearing them any chance I get. And since it is basically Spring and in the 80s here I really wanted to wear shorts, but ALSO (and this is the most important factor) because it is in the 80s and not yet in the 100s, wearing tallish boots without dying is still actually possible. And so I suddenly understood the conditions and desire that bring such an outfit about. It was downright comfortable and I got to wear my fringy boots!
I still don't think I will ever understand UGGs and booty shorts when it is 110 degrees outside, but to each his own I guess.
(Photo notes: Because I was actually wearing this outfit when we came up with the idea for the posts, we decided that we should probably take some photos. I can apparently never be a model because I have a very hard time acting serious or keeping a straight face! As you can see below. Also, I am not bad ass at all and much too scared to ride on a motorcycle. So sitting on a parked one is about as close as I am going to get!)

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