October 27, 2008

Sleepy Hollow

So Halloween is just a few days away and I like to celebrate by watching one of my favorite movies Sleepy Hollow. When this movie came out almost no one liked it and I didn't understand because I loved it! How could it go wrong when it combines two of my favorite things: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Yes some of the parts are a bit cheesy, like how Tim takes the opportunity to spray Johnny with blood every chance he gets, and how Johnny, as Ichabod, faints something like five times throughout the movie, but that is what makes it awesome. The movie is visually beautiful to watch and funny and creepy at the same time. So if you have never seen it go rent it right now, and if you did see it and didn't really like it, give it another chance for goodness sakes! It is totally worth it, I think I will go watch it right now.

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