October 23, 2008

A Little Kid At Heart

Recently, when I was cleaning out my closet at my parents' house, I found this set of paper dolls which I have had since I was much younger. I had pretty much forgotten about them, but when I saw them I still loved them just as much as when I first got them. I guess I am just still a little kid at heart. I am pretty sure I got them ages ago in Port Townsend (go figure) and I definitely played with them, but I was always very careful when I did because they were so pretty and I didn't want to bend them. There are two different girls, each with her own set of outfits. All the outfits are amazing, but I when I was younger I liked the brunette's clothes better, and looking at them now, I still do! I guess I haven't changed much, I still love the old fashioned look in general.

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