December 21, 2009


Happy winter solstice! The solstices are always some of my favorite days. They feel like holidays (and I would definitely have a solstice party if I had anyone to invite to it), but they also feel much more natural since they are based on the cycles of nature, and for me that makes them more spiritual than the rest of the holidays. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, etc. just for different reasons. So let us celebrate and have a merry winter!

Remember paper snowflakes? I hadn't made one since....well in fact I can't remember the last time. They are so simple and delicate and fun to make so I decided to revive that craft from my youth. I had to look up the proper way to fold the paper online, but after I did I had oh such a nice time making them. They are a perfect winter decoration, and it made me feel like a kid again! (Ok I usually still feel like a kid, but this brought back specific nostalgic memories).



I also decided to have a go at another craft which Vanessa demonstrated on her lovely blog and you too can learn how to do it there. It is an interesting material made out of fused plastic bags. I sewed mine into a small bag and am planning to give it to one of my friends for Christmas! It is so fun, and such a wonderful way to recycle all those old shopping bags (of which I have an overwhelming amount). 



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