January 01, 2010

Busy New Year

Happy new year to all! Now that I am back from Christmas in Bend and it is officially January, I am suddenly panicked. The application deadline for UofA is Feb 1st and I still haven't sent everything in or taken the GRE, eek! Frankly I don't know if I will even be able to get my GRE scores to them by the deadline, but hopefully we will be able to work it out. Because of all this busy, busy, business, I probably won't be posting much on here for a bit. Instead I will be frantically studying and such! I will definitely post more after the craziness is over though.

The weather today was just awful: rainy, windy, gray, yucky. It is said though, that really good weather in January means bad weather later in the spring. So I guess I will take it now so that March, April, and May won't be so bad, here's hoping! A New Year's resolution: Try not to let the weather get to me so much! It isn't going so well, here is what I wish it look liked outside right now.

Ah well, maybe someday I will live where it looks like that! I hope everyone has a great start to the year!

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