January 27, 2010

Flowers Cheer Me (Margaritas Do Too!)

So today was very stressful due to the fact that the deadline for my grad school application for the UofA is February 1st and I just discovered that they did not receive some of the the things I sent. So now I am in a frantic panic to resend things and get everything in on time, yikes! This unfortunate situation was all I could think about all day, and so I literally got none of the other things I wanted to do today done, not even the fun thing (watching the first part of the BBC miniseries "Wives and Daughters"). But I think I have a plan for tomorrow that is going to work out so I am able to relax slightly.

These pictures I took of the gardens at Roche Harbor are so pretty and sunny they help cheer me up.











Ahhhh....I feel better already. Do you know what else cheers me up? Margaritas! I think I will go make one now. 

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