January 19, 2010

Swords, Tea, And Me

In my "about" for this blog I talk about the two sides to my personality and who I am. My Christmas gifts from my parents are a perfect example of this, and rather funny, so I thought I would share. So first they got me a sweet little hat box full of tea related things because they know I love pretty much anything to do with tea.

It had two kinds of tea, two tea books (oh how I love books), honey, a jar of Devon Cream (yum!), and some really delicious scone mix which I already made into scones!

Okay, so then in juxtaposition to that gift I also got...wait for it.....a sword! Haha I know, a strange combination, but that is me. It is a really large sword that looks like it should be in Lord of the Rings or something.

Pretty awesome right? And it is super heavy, I can barely draw it smoothly with one hand. It has a funny story too. My dad's business buys properties and then builds on them. The last thing they built was a storage until facility and now they are just running it. This beauty was left abandoned in one of the units so my dad got to keep it. The people moved everything else out except for this one sword, which is actually kind of creepy, like maybe it was used for a murder or something! It has definitely been used for something, I would say probably mock battle since the the blade is all banged up like it was hit against other metal, and the hilt is a little loose.I love it anyhow, and it just goes to show that my parents know me all too well. I now have two swords (my other one is a pirate sword!), so I am just a sword wielding, swashbuckling, tea drinking, lady who likes pretty things. Nice to meet you!

Speaking of tea and books (yes I am obsessed), today I am looking through all my tea party and recipe books and marking all the recipes I want to make soon, because I have tomorrow and the next day off and I think I may go on a baking binge. The tough part will be narrowing it down since there are so many scrumdiddlyumptious recipes in my books.

I will definitely let you know what things I end up making! 

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