January 15, 2010

Dreaming Of Sun

It probably seems like I whine about the weather a lot on this blog, but that is only because I hate the weather here! Haha ok I am a big fat whiner, but the weather affects me a lot, and this is my blog after all, so I can do what I want! Think about how many awesome positive things I will post about on my blog once I move somewhere warm for grad school. Actually, if I really thought anyone (besides my relatives) were reading this I would make more of an effort to write about things that would interest everyone, not just me. However, no one does, so I am just going to go ahead and gripe!

Even though this apartment was new when we moved in, there are a lot of things wrong with it construction wise (one of the bathroom doors doesn't close all the way, I know convenient right?) One of the worst things is the front door has a terrible, awful, seal, so when the wind blows from a certain direction it makes this super loud and annoying whistling moaning sound. Sometimes I can roll up a towel and put it front of the bottom of the door and it helps, but on days like today when the wind is really strong, it pretty much does nothing. Anyway it is just one more weather related thing that makes me unhappy and that I will be glad to be rid of as soon as possible.

To cheer myself up and I am drinking strawberry chocolate flavored rooibos tea and dreaming of the tropics. I thought I would post some pictures from a trip I took a few years ago to the Caribbean. It was with a program called Seamester, which is where you live on an 88 foot sailing ship for a few months while you learn how to sail, scuba dive, and take classes like Marine Biology - all for school credit! I know sounds rough doesn't it? It was pretty much the most awesome thing I have ever done. We sailed around to many different islands, so I got to visit lots of cool places in the Caribbean, and have many, many, dream-inspiring photos. Just lean back, imagine you can hear the ocean and feel the tropical breezes, and away we go!

This is the waterfall that was in the movie
Romancing the Stone 




 This is Ocean Star, the ship I was on

Are you jealous yet? I didn't personally take all the pictures I have from the trip, since we all pooled our pictures to have more, but I did take a lot of them! I think from now on when I have nothing to post I am just going to post pictures from that trip because this doesn't even scratch the surface, and everyone likes looking at yummy pictures of the tropics!

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