July 14, 2010

Almost There

Okay I am almost there in finding my camera cable so I can post some pictures of my new home here in Tucson! Somehow it ended it up in one of the last boxes to unpack (bad planning on my part I know). To be fair I haven't been unpacking very quickly, there are so many other fun things to do here, like swim in the pool, yay yay yay! Oh man I love to swim. I have also started my summer intro class for the library science grad program at U of A, so I have been a bit busy. I promise I will make some camera magic happen soon though! In the mean time you should hop on over to the fanciful blog of Miss Vanessa and check out the Mad Tea Party, which I couldn't participate in because I was moving, boo. I am sad about that, but I am also happy because you can see her wonderful party and the links to everyone else who participated too! I promise you will love it. Just go HERE already!

And just because it feels weird to post with no picture here is a picture of me at a pool. It isn't the pool here in Arizona it is actually the pool at my aunt and uncle's house in Australia, but it will have to do for now!

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