July 18, 2010

The Trip (Well Part Of It)

I found my camera cable, huzzah! Now the only problem is my camera is pretty much shot. I have the pictures that I had already taken, and it still kind of takes pictures, but ever since the drive down here it has decided that it thinks the batteries are basically dead even when I have just put new ones in. Not good. So I need to get a new camera, of course the one I want is 500 dollars (this one) so that is out. Luckily I think my parents have an old camera I can borrow until I can get a new one. Meanwhile here are a few pictures I took on the trip down. Okay, so they are from the last day of the trip, I didn't get batteries in the camera until then.

As you can probably tell, I just pointed the camera out the window and pushed the button while I was driving, but it gives you an idea of what the trip was like. More Arizona pictures to come.

Today the writer of one of my favorite blogs A Fanciful Twist was on the show Artistically Speaking on blog talk radio. Vanessa's interview was great, inspiring and informational, to check it out go HERE!

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