July 22, 2010


Spicy, yummy, warm, goodness anyone? Yes please! That is why I made jambalaya for dinner tonight. I had never made it before, but I got the recipe from a book I read recently. It is actually a mystery novel called Keepsake Crimes by Laura Childs, but it takes place in New Orleans and there are recipes included in the back of the book. She is the author of a series of books I really like called The Tea Shop Mysteries. They are pretty basic as far as mysteries go, but entertaining and the main character owns a tea shop and there is lots of real information about tea. I love tea so that is why I like them so much, that and they are set in Charleston and there are recipes! Anyway this one that I read is from a different series where the main character owns a scrap booking shop. I don't really scrap book at all, but I wanted to read them because of the New Orleans part. And this is getting quite ramble-y so back to the jambalaya...

My camera died completely so I have to use my phone to take pictures until I get a replacement, that is why they are, well, like they are.

This one is all blurry because of the steam when I opened the pot.

Here is the recipe in the book.

And here it is!

It was pretty darn tasty!

I also bought some flowers today which always make me smile.

Does anyone else make a small vase of flowers that they can move with them from room to room? Maybe that's just me, but when I can't buy enough flowers for every room I make an easily movable vase so I can always enjoy them!

Um and here is a random picture of my fountain...I was just testing out the camera on my phone (it is a new phone).

Well that was my dinner, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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  1. I've just been enjoying your blog :)

    Jambalaya has become a Christmas tradition in our household. The first time I made it for Christmas was because I was tired of being stuck in the kitchen cooking and/or cleaning up when everyone was over. I wanted something hearty, filling and yummy to offer that I wouldn't have to slave over and that was fast and easy to clean up after.

    So now, I make the base, and everyone brings something to put in the pot. To me it's symbolic of everyone coming together in a harmonious and sustaining way.