July 24, 2010

1800s Rainbow (You Heard Me)

Having tea in the afternoons is a comforting routine to me (you'll notice it is a bit of a routine because I generally use many of the same tea things which makes a lot of the pictures I take of it very similar, sorry about that!) and it is funny that it can feel like a routine, but also feel special because of all of my girly tea accouterments. I adore it. Unfortunately so do my furries who can sometimes make it less than peaceful. They can't help it, they only get all up in my business as soon as they see I am having tea because they know there is usually milk involved.....and maybe because they know I will always give them some....I am such a pushover when it comes to those cute fuzzy faces.

Although generally it is the same, little things will change. Like what tea pot or tea cup I am using, what sort of tea I am having, or what sort of nibbles I am having with it.

Today there are cherries!

And of course here comes L.C. She knows she has to wait until the end of tea time to have her milk, but does that stop her from climbing all over me and being an adorable pest? Not a chance!

L.C. no!

And then her brother Cuppa Tea joins the party.

Well it isn't always as relaxing as planned, but I do love a good cup of the genial beverage, cats and all!

I recently found my really old copy of Photoshop that my parents bought me back when I was a freshman in college. For the longest time I looked for it and I finally found it because we basically went through everything packing up for the move. I was excited! Yes it is pretty much ancient technologically speaking, but it still works, and although it may not have as many features as the new version, it is free because I already own it. Yay! Anyway I never did learn how to do much on it when I had it originally, but I am much more interested now that I can post the pictures on my blog. So I am actually going to, gasp, read the manual....I know it is a drastic step, but I am sure it will bring me up to speed a lot faster than trying to muddle my own way through layers and whatnot. Here is my first picture (I haven't actually read the manual yet).

It is a rainbow in the old timey days! Haha, really I just applied sepia tone to a picture that I took of a rainbow from our patio. It is weird that it sepia toned every thing except the actual rainbow. Hmm, I don't know why it did that, but I like it! Here is the picture before...

um and here are some more un-edited pictures of it...

...rainbows are pretty. Thank you monsoons!

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