July 27, 2010

Post 101: Another Magical Day

Somehow the magic of yesterday's post carried right on over to today. There were so many things that happened today that I want to share. That is one huge difference between my life before I moved and my life here in the AZ. Not that my life was bad or anything, it definitely wasn't! It was just kind of boring. I didn't post very often because I never felt like I had anything to share. I didn't have experiences that inspired me to take pictures. Here I find myself wanting to post all the time because a zillion things happen every day that I am excited about, like today for example....

but wait, first things first.

I didn't even realize it, but yesterday's post was my 100th! I take it that is something to celebrate here in blog land. I am definitely happy about it. I would want to do a giveaway or something for it, but I don't have many (hardly any in fact) visitors to give away things to. Which is okay, I just like to post and pretend like people are there! It is still fun, but if anyone is there and wants me to give something away (like a real blog, yay) just let me know.

Okay so this is post 101 hooray for me...back to today.

First I got up and the UPS had just come (the packages are always for Mister B, not for me, sad times) and when I opened the door to get both of the not my packages in, I made a new friend. He ran inside as soon as I opened the door. I was startled at first, but I soon caught him to release back into the wild. I named him Mr. Fuzzy. Would you like to meet him? Okay here he is (people who get freaked by creepy crawlies may want to avert their eyes and skim on down)!

Mr. Fuzzy says it is nice to meet you. I know it is weird, but I thought he was kinda cute. I mean I wasn't going to pick him with my hands or anything, but he is so furry! I liked him. Here is another shot next to some bananas so you can see the scale.

Quite a big guy huh? Well after his photo shoot I set him free off the back of our patio, where there is a little wild space, and it was then that I found my next surprise of the day.

A dainty little white eggshell. I thought to myself, "self, this is an extra special nature filled day, you must capture it and share it with everyone!" I don't know what it is about eggshells that you find outside, they are so delicate, and the fact that they are broken means there is some new little creature in the world. I like them.

Lot's of things I like, and the day had only just begun. Then another thing I like, nay love, happened. A great big thundery rainstorm!

I know Arizona is usually dry, but I moved here at just the perfect time for all the lovely monsoon action. It gets all humid and wet, but is still warm...I want to jump up and down just thinking about it! And that is exactly what I did outside in the puddles on the patio.

The red part is my umbrella. It is all cute and frilly!

After the shower passed by it was time to get ready and run some errands. The best part of errands was lunch. We had a coupon for this little place called Picazzo's that does organic pizza, so we decided to try it. We weren't disappointed.

It was delicious, and Alice would have been right at home.

Top cap off all the wonderfulness, Cuppa Tea was extra frisky and wanted to play today (he is kinda old so it doesn't happen that often). I gave him some cat nip and he thought he was a kitten again.

He is such a sweety.

Well that was my magical day, I hope yours was splendiferous too!

ps. I still don't have a replacement camera (mom said she is putting it in the mail tomorrow) so all pictures are phone pictures.

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  1. Cuppa Tea is your cat's name? Ahhh! LOVE that! ha ha!

    I visited my uncle in Arizona and I was scared. to. death. that I was going to see a tarantula. Spiders seem to love me and I'm always finding them and they freak me right out.

    I don't think I've ever found a white eggshell - (always blue!) I wonder what kind of bird it was from?

    And I love your frilly umbrella - I have a frilly one too. black with a turquoise ruffle. :)

    I was reading on your other post how no one commented here. :( Sorry. I also can't find a follow/ google friend connect thing so maybe if you had one up people would remember to come back? I'd follow this blog.

    I'm visiting from the Practical Magic party page - saw your blog title and HAD to visit. :)