July 26, 2010

An Elusive Moon And Practical Magic

Last night the moon was full. There is always something in the air during the full moon, but it is so hard to capture. The moon is so beautiful, but it is so frustrating not to be able to take a picture of the night sky and have it come out true to the way I see it. I have tried to take many moon pictures over the years, but they never come out. Here are a few.

These are from recently with my phone:

These are from a while ago:

These are best ones I have ever been able to get:

Oh elusive moon....

I guess I need a better camera.

Anyway the full moon is magical.

And speaking of magic....

Today I happened to come across a blog party for Practical Magic! Needless to say I was excited. Who doesn't love that movie? It is a favorite of many bloggers I know, so a party was the perfect idea. To see what it is all about go HERE or click on the button on my sidebar. Then just start planning what you are going to do to celebrate the movie (or book!) I can't wait!

Let's make some magic....

1 comment:

  1. Ah the elusive moon! I don't seem to posses the right camera to capture her beauty either. Thank you so much for stopping by and joing our party and for posting it here. We're looking forward to a very magical day. I enjoyed my visit here too. You have so many of the same things I love...moonlight, magic, kitties & tea, New Orleans and books (I'm a volunteer school librarian). See you soon!