August 05, 2010

Small Obsessions Continued....The Birds And The Bees

No not like that silly, I mean real birds and bees!

Okay so to continue from yesterday...

5. Tucson flora/fauna. All the animals here are so cute, and with the rain lately everything is blooming!

This guy said hello to me at the pool yesterday....

He even made the funny road runner noise!

And this guy was by the pool too.

Can you see him? Definitely has the whole camouflage thing down.

Bees! And also a really pretty flowering bush. and trees.

And Photoshop fun!

There was a thunderstorm tonight with some amazing lightning. I tried to take pictures, but couldn't really get any good ones, I think you need a pro camera for that kind of thing. I did kind of get a couple which I will share soon. The good part is that my real camera finally came in the mail (thanks mom) so I don't have to use my phone to take pictures anymore, yay!

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