September 13, 2010

Awesome Perfume And A Birthday Giveaway!

Today some new perfumes that I ordered off Etsy came and boy am I excited about them! They are from The Morbid The Merrier and seriously yummy and strange.

I got a whole bottle of Katrina since I am Sleepy Hollow obsessed, and then small samples of some other scents. I wanted to get a bunch of samples so I could choose which one I liked and buy a bigger bottle. The only problem is I really like them all! Now how will I choose?

Lysa from The Morbid The Merrier was so nice about answering my questions and sending them out quickly. And she even included an extra sample that I didn't order because she knew it was my birthday! If you like interesting and delicious scents you should definitely check out her shop pronto.

Okay now to the giveaway portion of the show.....

So a couple days ago I mentioned that my birthday is next Monday the 20th, but I wasn't really sure how to celebrate since I live in a new place and don't really have any friends yet. I asked for suggestions and Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations mentioned an online party. Well that sounded like a pretty good idea and to make it more fun I thought I would add a giveaway too! I know that might be a little backwards since it is my birthday and all, but I love to give things away and I have never been able to do one before because not too many people read this blog. However, now it seems that a few more people are commenting, and I guess the fewer people there are, the more of a chance the people who do enter have of winning!

So I will be throwing myself a party post on Monday and will announce the winner then, which means that you have until the end of Sunday to enter. If you feel like doing a party post too (it doesn't have to be for me, just in general) go for it, but since you don't really know me, I don't expect that. Instead, to enter all you have to do is leave a comment on any post by Sunday. For an extra entry you can also follow me (be sure to leave me a comment saying you followed me, or are already a follower).

I am really excited to do a giveaway so I hope some people want to enter. Here is an image to use as a button if you want to tell all your friends. It will also be in my sidebar.

What's that you say? You want to know what you will be winning? Hmm well I guess I can show you a bit!

A set of four different owl cards. The illustrations on these cards were done by my mom!

Maybe one or two of my resin pieces (some of which will probably be for sale in my Etsy shop eventually as well).

And much more! I want some of it to be a surprise, but I can guarantee that it will be super random, just like me.


  1. Oh, I'm so happy you decided to do this. The owl cards are fabulous! I love the Morbid the Merrier, too. I also like Poison Apple and For Strange Women on etsy, as well. I never buy perfumes any more - just hand-mixed oil blends. Our birthdays, by the way, are just 10 days apart! Theresa

  2. I forgot to mention that I follow you!!! :)

  3. Hi! I was quite sure I had commented on this before (as my hubby's b-day is also on the 20th and I remember thinking that). Anywho, maybe it got lost in cyberspace or something...who knows. LOL! This sounds like a fabulous giveaway and it's so kind of you to give to others on your special day of the year! I'm already a follower (which is how I saw your second post on this) your blog! As far as suggestions to include in your giveaway...I personally love ribbon - so any kind of ribbon would be a cool thing to add to your mix. And, boy oh boy, is that a BIG caterpillar!!

  4. It's lovely to meet you...I found you through Theresa's Blog Faerie Moon Creations..the Owls are mega-gorgeous and super-enchanting and beautiful! Your blog is beautiful too..nice to meet you

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  6. greeting here from thersa blog! wishing you a wonderful birthday to come...may it be filled with an abundance of blessings shining brightly upon you...grand moments and wonderful memories created to savor all your days...i adore owls!! they are my most favorite animal and these cards you found are simply sweet you are to offer us gifts on your dear birthday...wishing you well and brightest blessings~

  7. ~just joined to follow along...look forward to seeing more of what you create and share...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  8. Just flew over from Theresa's blog to say Hi!! And so pleased I did for your little 'bubble space' here is gorgeous and truly inspiring.... so I'm adding myself as a 'follower's so I can visit often!!!
    What a wonderful idea to offer a give-away to celebrate your Birthday - very 'hobbit-like' and generous too!! The owl cards your Mum has created are awesome!
    Hugs xxx

  9. Hi there...I, too, am visiting you from Theresa's Blog! I hope you have a wondefully enchanting birthday!!! It's so nice of you to invite us all over for your special day (and give us the gifts instead...heehee!)

    Please enter me I am now a happy Follower :)

    Looking forward to seeing more from you (and your mom....those cards are beyond gorgeous!)

  10. Hi, I came over from Faerie Moon Creation's blog. Happy Birthday to you! How nice to invite us to your giveaway party!

    I am also a new follower & look forward to seeing more of your beautiful art!

  11. Happy Birthday to you!! I came over from Theresa's blog and am now a follower :) Those owl cards are gorgeous, your mom is very talented. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to visiting again! :) ~Lauren