September 16, 2010

Mr Caterpillar And Seriously Nobody Wants Free Stuff?

Hello there lovely friends!

Um so, so far only one person has commented on the giveaway, (and Theresa, I have decided that even if you don't win you are getting a little something anyway for being that person) what's up with that?! I mean I know that more people than that have visited (well I hope so anyway), do people just not like to get free stuff? Hmmm maybe it is that the stuff I shared isn't interesting you? Well you can bet your buttons there will be much more than those two things. I know for sure there will be a postcard or two from Miss V's shop. And I know nobody doesn't want her delicious items (let's hear it for double negatives!).

But maybe that is not enough to entice you either? Well I could dig up a whole bunch of random things to giveaway that I think are smokin', but maybe that is not what other people would want. So how about this. When you comment to be entered in the giveaway, perhaps you might want to mention something that you would love to see in a package....candles, jewelry, Halloween items? I am quite poor (being a grad student and all) so I can't make any promises, but I will definitely take all your suggestions into consideration and try to include some of them! How does that sound. Good? Good. You can check out the giveaway HERE. Cummon people, don't you want some free stuff!

Ahem, anyway...

There is a plant on my patio that has been slowly losing leaves.

I thought it was just the birds or something until I saw this....

There were actually two of them. BAD caterpillars! They were so big and fat I half expected them to blow smoke rings at me...

but instead they just sat there looking very pleased with themselves for demolishing my poor plant. I relocated them to a bush that is not on my patio. They were pretty cute though. I looked them up and I think they are Gypsy Moth caterpillars.


  1. Hi there! I thought I'd share my new blog post with you...I hope folks stop by and discover your lovely blog and share in your birthday celebration and artistic journey!
    :) Theresa

  2. There are a few of us on there...and all (I'm assuming they are like me) super excited about this giveaway...and learning a bit more about you, Fellow Blog Sister :)

    Fear not....Sunday is quite a ways away in Blogland....if you give it away, they will come...haha!

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