September 12, 2010

Flowers, Furries, And Football

Every time I buy flowers I run into the same problem. I don't have the right size vase. I only have three real vases and one is usually too big and the others are too small. I bought a lovely bunch of flowers the other day for five dollars, but of course they looked terrible in my big vase because there weren't enough.

Here are my two smaller vases, both too small for the bunch. Like I said this always happens, you would think I would learn and buy an in between vase...

So I did what I almost always end up doing. I split up the flowers into two bunches so they will fit. I put one smaller bunch in the small vase, and a larger bunch in an old bottle I have.

I think they turned out pretty well!

I love having fresh flowers around the house, but I won't pay a lot for them.

I wanted to share some pictures of my furries. Sometimes they chase each other around and swipe at each other, and sometimes they cuddle. Isn't that how all brothers and sisters are? They are so cute when they spoon together.

I just love them!

Tonight I went to the first UofA football game, which was really fun despite the fact that we won by so much. I know that sounds silly since we won, but sometimes when you blow the other team out of the water there isn't much excitement.

Before the game we went to eat at Bison Witches, which is a really delicious sandwich restaurant.

The stadium was pretty full which is always good.

Here is my new Arizona shirt I bought for the occasion. I mean I gotta have some school spirit!

The marching band did a lot of cool formations. It is kinda hard to tell from where we were, but this is a U and A.

There were fireworks, but unfortunately I was unprepared and only managed to get a picture of the smoke. Kinda lame I know.

And what sporting event is complete without cotton candy and lemonade!

Yummy. I had a grand time, and will get to do it much more since we have season tickets!

On a side note, it is a little over a week away (the 20th) and I am trying to decide what to do for my birthday. I don't really have anything special in mind and don't have a group of friends to celebrate with since I just moved here, so I am trying to think of something fun to do. Maybe I will just throw myself a one person party!...well I guess Mister B can come too...hmm...I obviously need some assistance. Any fun/helpful suggestions?

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  1. I love fresh flowers, too. We grow a lot of flowers in our yard - so it's nice to cut them and have arrange our own bouquets in the dining room. Your furries are quite cute - I love how nicely they posed for the photos! Football is always fun - it's cute to hear my hubby's running commentary at the tv screen. LOL Maybe you can celebrate with a little online birthday celebration? I usually just spend my day with just the man - doing all the things I love. We'll probably go to a movie and eat Indian food. Theresa