October 03, 2010

Halloween Haul For Spooky Monday

Hello there and another spooky, Spooky Monday to you!

Today I brought in a serious haul of Halloween related goodies. I went to the Dollar Tree that is right across the street because I wanted to see what sort of seasonal decorations they had. I got some good things last year for Halloween at the one in McMinnville (before we moved), so I was expecting a few things, but this one is way better! It had a ton of awesome Halloween stuff. I got all this for $8, yay!

1. Fake raven.
2. Skull ice tray (I got one of these last year, but we left it when we moved).
3. Jack-O-Lantern muffin papers and decorative flag toppers.
4. Spider web with spiders.
5. Skull mug.
6. Two packages of Creepy Cloth (this is one of my Halloween decorating staples so I will probably go back and get more).
7. A paper pumpkin lantern.

There were a lot more good things I wanted too, I think I need to make another trip! I think of  all the items I bought, the lantern was the best deal. It comes with a hanger and lighting system, all for a dollar!

I have been decorating with all these items, but I want to save that for another Monday since I am not finished yet.

Then, I also went to Bookmans and got some more Halloween goodies.

A wooden black cat.

And a bunch of books!

And of course an October issue of Martha.

I can't wait to read all these. They were essentially free because I have trade at Bookmans, so I didn't have to pay a cent! Don't you just love awesome free stuff? Yay!


  1. Great score! The Book of Shadows one is great. I have read it many times :) Your Dollar Tree is much better than our sad little Poundland here in England, all we have is orange tinsel...

  2. Fabulous post...such fun and spirit! Enjoy your awesome treasures!

  3. Oh my!! You hit the jackpot!!! Fabulous finds, the books look awesome reads and I LOVE your new blog look!! :)

  4. Awesome haul! I love that lantern - have to see if I can find one!

    Happy Spooky Monday!


  5. I've bought several of those crows-it's so fun to show there-you think you need it all because it's only $1.00!!!!!!

  6. What an awesome collection of Halloween goodies. You hit the jackpot!!! Enjoy! Theresa

  7. Those are some awesome decorations, well done!! And you gotta love that Bookmans credit :) The book of Victorain Ghost stories looks so fun! Oh and don't worry about the package, send it whenever you get a chance :) ~Lauren