October 01, 2010

Thank You Wendy!!

Today I received a special package in the mail. Oh boy I was soooo excited!! It was from the lovely Wendy over at Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland, just for participating in Spooky Mondays. Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever! I was even more excited once I saw what was inside....

Lace and handmade Halloween tags!!

So lovely. Thank you Wendy!!!

And now for something completely different...

If you ever need any toys, I can hook you up. No seriously. Okay maybe a little background is in order. When Mister B and I moved here to Tucson we swapped houses with his parents. They live here, but are from Oregon and have family there, so they wanted to live there for a while. So we are living in their house and they are living in our apartment in Oregon, just for a while. Anyway so in their garage are all these plastic bins.

That's just a few, and most of these bins are filled with toys. They are all Batman's toys from when he was a kid. Oh yeah so I was talking to Mister B and when I told him how I mention him here sometimes, but don't use his name, he said "So what do you call me, Batman?" Hahaha I should have known he would prefer that over Mister B. Anyway "Batman" has a self professed bad imagination so he needed lots of toys instead of being able to use his imagination to play.

So since we moved here I have been going through all these bins to pick out things that I think are cool and want to keep. It is seriously addicting. You think you are just going to do one and end up doing three. And then there is the sheer amount and variety! I mean this kid did not discriminate. Think of a cartoon, tv show, or movies that would have been during that period and he had toys for it. Half of them I don't even recognize! Here is an example of what one of the bins look like.

That is just the top, and they all look like that! It is ridiculous and awesome at the same time. Here are the things I have pulled out to save so far.

And I have been holding back because I still have so many to look through!

So like I said, if you are ever looking for a particular toy, we probably have it.


  1. Wow! Is he any only child? haha!

    I can't imagine keeping bins like that for multiple kids :D

    Fun stuff, to find little gems...and also feel a connection to your Sweetheart as a boy....very fun!

  2. That certainly is a lot of toys! :) Enjoy your beautiful new gifts from Wendy. :) Theresa