October 27, 2010

Spooky Almost Thursday!

Yay, I finally made it to Spooky Monday! Granted I am several days too late, but better late than never right? Sorry Spooky Monday crew, I didn't mean to let ya down! Anyway I have been crazy busy with school and such, and only now am having a chance to post. I didn't even really get a chance to visit all the tea parties last week, yikes!

So for this last Spooky Monday post I have a couple of bits of Halloween goodness to share. The moon, even though I can't get a clear picture of it, I still like these quite a bit.

Our Jack-O-Lanterns. One is scary, and think the other might be slightly inebriated!

And of course yummy pumpkin seeds that I roasted. I never really liked these as a kid, but now I love them! I bake them with olive oil, pepper, and garlic salt, super addicting.

I had some with my evening tea, so delicious! How do you like my new tray? I love pirate things!

While I had my tea I watched this last Sunday's episode of Nature, it was about crows (I DVRed it). It was soooo awesome!! I knew crows were smart, but oh man, they are crazy smart! I couldn't find the clip to show you, but basically a crow pulls up a string with a small stick on the end, removes the stick and uses it as a tool to get a longer stick out of a cage, and then uses the longer stick to retrieve food placed in a container beyond the reach of its beak. That is a three step, tool using process!! That is seriously amazing for a bird. They can also recognize individual people's faces, and they have funerals for their dead crow friends (the clip of that part was kinda creepy). Okay sorry for going on about it, but I thought it was super cool, and you should definitely watch it if you get the chance. It was called A Murder of Crows. Crows are the best.

I can't wait for Halloween! I got part of my costume already, a really awesome corset set which I will show you another time, and I still have a few things to put together to finish it. Woot! I love coming up with costumes for Halloween, and seeing other people's costumes. What are you gonna be?


  1. Cool pics! Love the JOL and the close-up of the pumpkin seeds. :0)

  2. Oh how much fun! I love pumpkins and crows. Can't wait to see your costume. What will I be? A witch, of course. Theresa

  3. Mmm, those pumpkin seeds look delicious! And that's really interesting about the crows, I will have to see that sometime. Can't wait to see your costume, sounds fun! :)

    I wanted to let you know too that I will hopefully have a print of the top hat painting soon, I wasn't completely happy with it so I am working on it. Thanks for asking, I will keep you posted :)

    Have a great Halloween! ~Lauren