October 23, 2010

Would You Care For A Spot Of Tea?

(A Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon)

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon

Welcome my witchy friends! Please do come in, I am just putting the finishing touches on the treats for our full moon tea party. The moon is up so let us begin!

Would you like to choose your tea cup? I have many options.

Did you see one you like? I think I will use this one for our party!

What kind of tea shall we have? I think jasmine, it is perfect for mystical moon magic. Does that sound good?

I have the table all set!

Oh and I invited another guest. The lovely little Spirit, who came to me via a giveaway at Vagabond Creations. Thank you Zan I just love her!

And of course this lady is always on my lap as soon as she sees that tea is served.

Mmm, the tea is so fragrant, would you like another cup?

Be sure to try my spooky spiced pumpkin muffins...

...and what tea party would be complete without hauntingly delicious cucumber sandwiches.

I think maybe I have eaten too much already!

Shall we adjourn to the fire outside?

It has been such a magical evening, and here under the stars, with the moon and the fire is the perfect way to end it.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by! You are always invited and I would love to host you for tea again anytime! And a big thank you to Anna at Frosted Petunias for hosting this event, be sure to head over there to see all the party participants.

Have a wonderful night!


  1. that was a delightful party, thank you so very much! love your tea cup collection :)


    come visit:

  2. Hello again!!!
    glad you got your tea party going...it was very very yummy..the ghost sandwiches were awesome!
    Are you happy U of A won?
    the moon picture was so pretty...and I was thinking...that's my moon too!
    love your kitty doll..
    have a great night, thank you for the party & for visiting.

  3. I still love that teapot :) Great party also!

  4. ~mmmmmm...i l♥ve jasmine tea and spiced pumpkin muffins...a beautiful party you have had...warm wishes and belated full moon blessings~

  5. Lovely party! And so many pretty teacups to choose from!

  6. Oh My!! What a tea cup collection. They are all so pretty. (And Thank You for telling me of the pattern maker on the tea cup I liked so well!)
    And you used your Fab Pumpkin Teapot! How cool!

    You really outdid yourself with this Tea Party! {did I mention I love cucumber sandwiches?}

    Thank you so much for having us all over!
    Happy Haunting!

  7. Oh what a wonderful tea party! So happy you got it going. Love that little pumpkin tea pot! And all those beautiful tea cups!!! Your newest kitty guest is adorable, too. :) Theresa

  8. Thanks for a wonderful tea, I loved your shaped sandwiches.

  9. Love your teacups! The moon shots are amazing! Thanks for the party! - please do come on over to our Tea Party Halloween Tea Party at http://lenorita-lenoramoore.blogspot.com/2010/10/jack-o-lantern-halloween-tea-party.html!

  10. What a wonderful party, and that tea was delicious! :) ~Lauren

  11. How lovely! And those spiced pumpkin cupcakes are delicious! Thank you for sharing:)

  12. I'm so glad I finally made it here for your lovely tea party! Everything looks wonderful and delicious...I must confess I had more than a few little ghost sandwiches (or should that be sandWITCHES...hee-hee?) Love your charming Spirit dollie and no tea party is complete without a kitty on ones lap! Thank you so much for sharing and for joining me for my tea party under the Halloween moon tonight!

  13. Luv the Ghost Sandwitches and such a cute kitty cat, now this is a Purrrfect Tea Party not to be missed !

    I have another prize draw for this coming Sunday ~ HALLOWEEN October 31st / 2010 for a tiny seashell soldered bottle. Drop in for a visit.

    Annabelle.•*¨**.•**^..^•*¨**.•*¨*•*¨**.•* http://thewoodbeyondtheworld.blogspot.com/