December 31, 2010

Curiouser And Curiouser

I am back from my lovely holiday spending Christmas with my friends and family. Sorry about the lack of postage, but the internet situation was not conducive to blogging. My parents are in the middle of moving so everything was in a bit of an uproar, but I am here now and ready to share all the things I have saved up!

More from all of my break later, but for now here are a few curious things I am excited about, to ring in the new year....

The first is that today at work (I work at the most adorable English style tea room called Chantilly) a group came in for tea and one of the girls (who was not a little kid) was dressed up like the Mad Hatter! And we are not talking just a hat here people, she had a full out costume including hat, wig, coat, and accessories. Unfortunately I did not get a picture, but that girl is my hero!

Second, I bought a vintage tea cup today (also from where I work) that will blow your mind. I had never seen one like it before so I had to buy it.

The little bridge across the top of the cup is to protect one's moustache when they are drinking tea! Is that not the funniest, randomest, I have to have that tea-cupiest thing ever? I almost wish I had a moustache just so I could get the full benefit. I love it.

The third and fourth curious things are two vintage items I got at this adorable store in Redmond, OR (more on that later). Look at this table cloth...

Notice anything strange? Now I haven't been to Florida much, but I am pretty sure they do not have saguaro cactus. It is like someone from far away who had never actually been to Florida made a tablecloth using whatever idea they had in their head of what Florida might be like. Love it! And I love the colors. And it works well here in the AZ because of the cacti. (One other curious thing: why my candles will never stay standing upright.)

And let us not forget the awesomest pillow there has ever been in the history of the world. I also bought this item because I had never seen anything like it. I believe the words "what the...!" sprung instantly to mind.

Is it just me or is it almost slightly threatening? Loves, loves, loves it!

Last, but not least, after returning from Oregon where it was cold and snowing, I was looking forward to the warmer weather of Arizona. However, I was a bit disappointed and also surprised, to find that it is cold and snowing here too! I mean I know AZ gets snow and I wasn't too shocked to see it on the mountains behind our house, but I was surprised when it was actually snowing at our house here in Tucson! Crazy weather.

Have a happy New Year lovely bloggy friends!

ps. I almost forgot one last, very curious, thing. In my hometown Bend, OR there is a house that has the whole front yard decorated with bones.

A little creepy, but I am totally on board as I have had a thing for bones ever since I was a little kid.

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  1. So glad to hear you had a lovely holiday! Your tea cup is absolutely must be fun to work at a tea shop. Happy New Year to you and yours! Theresa