January 02, 2011

Christmas Tea And New Years Tea

When Mister B sees me taking pictures of my tea or tea things, he always says something about how I am always taking pictures of tea for my blog, and don't they all look the same, and don't people get tired of seeing that? To which I reply that I started this blog for me and although I love having other people that read it and comment (thank you blog friends out there!), I have, and always will, post things that make me happy. And if that means essentially the same picture of my tea over and over again, then I hope you will forgive me and skip over any posts that bore you! That said here are some pictures from tea around Christmas and then also today in the new year.

After years of watching V for Vendetta, and seeing V make eggy in a basket (I think that is what it is called) I finally decided to try it when I was home for Christmas break.

It was quite delicious and a perfect snack to have with my tea. I will definitely be making it more often.

And yes that is a pirate sugar dish you see, and no it is not mine (I wish it was since I love pirates), it is my mom's!

Oh and I got another tray to add to my collection! It says "please be sure to fill this tray....and pass it along again." Isn't that cute? Although to be honest I will most likely be keeping it and not passing it along.

This is tea today including my lovely new moustache cup (see previous post) and adorable orange tea pot which was a Christmas gift from the owner of the tea room that I work at! It was so nice of her, and I love it.

This might be a good time time to mention that I am of the mind that if you have tea cups you should use them. I have a collection of vintage and china tea cups, but I use them all (except the ones with cracks). What is the point of having pretty tea cups if you don't use them I say! However, I will probably use my moustache cup less than some of the others because it is extra special.

Oh and here are some of the awesome tea related items my parents gave me for Christmas. Tea Time magazine, an adorable kitty creamer, and scone mix and Devon Cream, yum!

Thank you parents!

Well there you have it, yet another post with pictures of my tea trays, thanks for sticking with me!


  1. very nice!
    love the sugar dish too.
    have a great week!

  2. Hurray for tea! I love seeing all your wonderful tea-related goodies. I can never tire of seeing pretty cups and learning about new teas. What awesome gifts you received from your parents and boss. Enjoy! Theresa