December 13, 2010

Sunday Loveliness

Yesterday I had the whole day off! No work (at either job), no homework, nothing that needed immediate doing.....lovely. So what did I choose to do with this whole day? Why spend it watching a Lord of the Rings marathon of course!

Yep that is right, all three Lord of the Rings movies, straight through. Oh yeah and they were the extended versions. That is over eleven hours of movie epicness. It was legen.......wait for it.....and I hope you're not lactose intolerant, because the next part of that is.....dary! (haha thank you How I Met Your Mother)

Anyway it was super awesome. And add to that day, pumpkin pancakes, popcorn with butter, a roaring fire, and candy cane kisses! Yum. Best day off ever.

And today I got my new camera in the mail yay! Mister B got it for me for Christmas. It is an inexpensive, small, point and shoot camera, which is perfect because the other camera I have is big and not practical to carry around in my purse.

I usually don't use the flash on cameras a lot because I don't really like that bright washed out look they usually give. So the test of whether this camera will work for me is a low light shot without the flash. Here is how it looks with a shot similar to the ones taken above (with my other camera) for comparison.

Not too shabby for sixty bucks! It is a bit grainy, but it came with a two gig memory card which means I can turn it up to the highest quality (this picture was only on the second highest) and it will still hold over 300 photos. I am quite pleased! And the best part is it is nice and compact so I can easily carry it with me everywhere. No more having to use my phone to take a picture because I don't have a camera on me!


  1. Sounds like my kind of day off :)

  2. ~sounds like the perfect way to enjoy your time off...we watched the first lord of the rings on saturday!!! congrats on your new camera...a wonderful gift indeed...can't wait to see more of your days to come...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. What a perfect day...pumpkin pancakes, Lord of the Rings, a roaring fire, and a new camera! Awesome!!! Theresa