December 10, 2010

Furry Love

It seems like every time I see my two furries cuddling together I have to take a picture. Even though all the pictures look the same I still take one every time because I can't resist the adorableness! I feel like other people would be like, "um why do you have so many pictures of your cats?" And I would respond "they are cuddling together, aren't they the cutest?!" and they would be like "yeah that's great Alia..."

Haha. Oh and have I mentioned how Cuppa Tea sleeps in the bed like a person? In the early morning he paws at me until I lift the blanket up. Then he goes under, turns around, and comes out just enough so his head is out and then he lays down and puts his head on the pillow next to mine. It is seriously the sweetest thing ever. I just want to squeal with delight every time! It actually makes it harder to get up in the morning because I just want to snuggle with him.

I am such a sucker for the cute things my cats do.

Here is a video I made for class. The assignment was to learn how to use Movie Maker so I made a cat video. Feel free not to watch it, since it would probably be boring to anyone but me!

Okay so the video isn't working. I can't get Blogger to upload it from my computer. Any suggestions? I will keep working on it.

Is anyone else a huge dork for their furries? I think some of you probably understand how it is!


  1. Aww...super adorable...such beauties..i love your gorgeous cats!! Lucky!!

  2. What cutie-pies! I can never tire of seeing beautiful photos of furry babies. :) I'm a big dork for my babies, too. :) I even sing to them!!! LOL Theresa