January 19, 2011

The Golden Goose And Milk Bags

I recently discovered a great second hand/thrift store in Catalina, which is up the road just a bit from where I live in Tucson. It is called The Golden Goose, and my maiden voyage there produced what I thought were quite good results! It is easier for me to get to from my house than Goodwill, and they have new stuff in almost every day so there are lots of different things to see. A new place to shop, yay!

Here is what I purchased:

A story about two pirates (I love pirates)...

a Christmasy apron with jingle bells...

a retro outfit/dress (which I think looks super cute on, but maybe that is just me)...

and the best thing of all, a really comfy recliner chair with adorable fabric and in practically brand new condition!

Sorry about the blanket in the photo, but I have to keep it on there a lot because as you can see, the cats love my new chair and are sleeping on it almost constantly! I guess that is just proves how comfy it is, cats know a cozy spot when they see one. Oh man, I am lovin' this chair!

I also wanted to share this awesome vintage photograph I bought at the shop featured a couple posts ago. I love all things Victorian and I couldn't resist buying this. It was only five bucks for goodness sake!

Well that is pretty much it for today.

Oh wait I almost forgot! I wanted to share this shopping list Mister B found at Target (he is working there while getting his Masters in education).

It starts out pretty normal, but then takes a bit of a confusing turn. Boogie shoes? Is that like shoes for dancing? And what the heck is a milk bag?! If anyone knows, please share, I am quite curious!


  1. Love that retro dress! What a score! I love thrift shopping but, must exercise caution, I'd come home with all kinds of stuff. I like the picture too. Any idea who the people might be? I got curious about milk bags and googled it. Believe it or not there is such a thing! It's a plastic bag you put milk in and put it in a container. Here's the wikipedia link to it. Interesting.

  2. What fabulous goodies you picked up! It's always fun to go second-hand shopping and come away with some awesome treasures at great prices. Enjoy! Theresa

  3. With wipes on the list....milk bags might be what nursing mothers pump milk into...but boogie shoes? Dunno :0

    Love your thrifty finds...that chair is super cute!

  4. OH!! You were in my neck of the woods thrifting! You are right, love the book and all the finds. I am so glad you found a chair too! That's fab. I also love your finds in your post right above. The spoon looks oober interesting!

    Well, Off to keep trying to fix my curry that I sort of accidentally messed up, drats!!