January 14, 2011

A Friday Evening Alone

Although he doesn't work the night shift anymore, sometimes Mister B works in the evenings until pretty late so I spend a couple nights a week just by myself doing things I like. I think spending time alone is so important! For me it is anyway. Sometimes I like to just be all by my lonesome.

Tonight I had mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and bread for dinner, while also sipping a glass of wine and watching Bottle Shock (a really great movie, I definitely recommend it). Then I got a log going in the chiminea on the patio, lit some candles and relaxed. Even though it is January, here in Arizona it is warm enough right now to sit outside with a sweatshirt, blanket, and fire (and stripey leg-warmers of course!) So wonderful.

Then (as it was quite a bit later) I was slightly hungry again so I decided to roast some pita bread with olive oil over the fire. It seems that lately whenever I make something at home there is almost always extra virgin olive oil involved, I use it for everything! Anyway it was a grand idea until I realized that the log I am using is one of those store-bought things (still environmentally friendly, but certainly not wood) and it is making the pita taste funny...oh well, it was fun anyway!

Sitting outside with a fire and a glass of wine, listening to The Decemberists, and writing this to you lovely readers. I am certainly having a nice evening indeed, and I wish the you the same!

<3 Alia

ps. Upcoming: thrift finds that make me happy, and a giveaway. Yay!

pps. Maybe you have noticed, I certainly have, that many of my blog titles are "something AND something else." I started thinking about it because I didn't do it this time. I can't decide if I should fully commit to this and have it be like that every time, you know, like a THING. Or, if I should not try to force it, and just have it happens when it happens. What do you think?

*edit: A few minutes after I posted this, I heard a rustling sound. When I looked over the patio wall I was rewarded with an adorable group of javelinas snuffling by. I love nature!


  1. What a DIVINE way to relax. I love tomato, mozzarella and basil salad - one of my favorites. Sorry you had to be without your love, but you relaxed in style! Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  2. You sure know how to spend an evening at home! Sitting outside with a fire and a glass of wine beats just about anything else I can think of....except for, perhaps doing it after just finishing a painting....letting a smug sense of accomplishment tingle thru me along with the heat :)

    I think having a THING would be nice ....heck....even your Blog name fits in with it :)

  3. i love time alone...especially when there's food involved!