March 22, 2011

Storms And Super Excitement!

I am just bursting with excitement and I will tell you why! If you are a fan of Lauren over at Fair Rosamund then you will have seen the adorable cat painting she did for Cameron. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have one of my two furries. I promptly asked Lauren if she does commissions and she said yes!

So today she sent me the pictures of the finished painting and I LOVE it. I am SUPER excited! She did such a wonderful job capturing the personalities of my kitties.

Eek! Isn't it wonderful? Thank you Lauren!

It was quite stormy here yesterday and the day before. A nice change, we even got a little rain.

You know when it is cloudy and stormy in the evening and there is that yellowish tinge to the air from the diffused light? I love that. Anyway I tried to take a picture, but of course you can't tell at all in the photo. I guess it is more of a human eye sort of thing.

The rain made the plants happy. Oh and remember my sprouting garlic cloves that I planted? They have taken off quickly!

Grow little garlic sproutlings, grow like the wind! (Sproutlings, I think that is a Fanciful Twist word that has worked its way into my vocabulary!)

Oh and I managed to take a photo of someone using the hummingbird feeder. It wasn't actually a hummingbird, but still a cutie.

Until next time!


  1. Oooooh! Your kitty painting turned out so cute! We absolutely adore ours!!!! I don't think it's ever coming out of my daughter's room...haha!

    Yes, sproutling is very Vanessa-ish :D

  2. What a fabulous kitty painting! Lauren is indeed such a wonderful painter. She did a lovely job. Theresa

  3. Thank you Alia, I'm SO glad that you like the painting, I hope it has made it to you safe and sound! :) Your plants look great, I can't wait to start my palnting when we move to our new place! I hope you have a great weekend :) ~Lauren